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Sidekick Share Account

August 03, 2018

Short-term boost, long-term savings. 

St. Lawrence Federal Credit Union offers a way to maximize yield in a Share Certificate while allowing for access to funds through a high yield Savings (Sidekick Share) Account. Take advantage of a Sidekick Share Account linked with a Share Certificate. 

Members are now able to put money in a Share Certificate for the long-term, but also generate greater yield in a Savings (Sidekick Share) Account. Need to make a withdrawal from your Sidekick Share Account? No problem, your money is accessible. 

Start earning a higher rate on your short-term savings (Sidekick Share) while maintaining your long-term Share Certificate savings! Choose from either 0.75 APY* on a Sidekick Account when paired with a 2- year Share Certificate, or 1.26% APY* on a Sidekick Account when paired with a 3-, 4-, or 5-year Share Certificate.

 *APY = Annual Percentage Yield. New money or matured withdrawals only. Maximum initial deposit amount is equal to the share certificate. Both the Sidekick Share Account and the Share Certificate must be opened on the same day. Withdrawals are allowed. No additional deposits allowed. 0.75% APY applies to accounts linked to a 2-Year Share Certificate. 1.26% APY applies to accounts linked to a term greater than 2 years. Other terms and conditions may apply. See credit union for details.